Arranging Appointments and Ordering Prescriptions and Supplies

Monday to Friday
Reception is open 8am to 7pm.

Please phone at any time of the working day to arrange an appointment, although it is always better to phone as early as you can, especially if you wish to attend the same day. This will give you the best chance of an appointment with your preferred vet at a time best suited to your schedule. We book appointments from 9am in the morning and the morning time is shared between appointments and the day’s surgery cases. After lunch, we generally book from 3pm onwards. If you are able to take an appointment between 3pm and 4pm, you can take advantage of our “off peak” discount of £3 on routine consultations and vaccinations. In 2004, we added a small supplement to the consultation and other service fees from 6pm weekdays and on Saturday mornings and most Bank Holidays to allow us to supplement the nurses’ wages for working these less desirable hours. The supplement in 2014 is £2 for consultations and £1 on minor services, where a standard consultation fee is not charged.


Reception is open from 8.30am to 1pm, with appointments booked from 9am until 11am with urgent and emergency appointments until 11.40am. Please phone early on Saturday if you wish to come on the day, so that we can accommodate you.

On most Bank Holidays

Reception is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm with consultations booked from 9am. There is no off peak discount on a Bank Holiday and all consultations are subject to the £2 premium.

We have a limited availability over the Christmas and New Year holiday periods and information may be obtained by viewing our website, listening to the phone messages, viewing the seasonal notice on the front door or by speaking with us during working hours.

Urgent Case Surgeries at Weekends

On Sunday mornings, we have what we call an urgent case surgery. Both a veterinary surgeon and a veterinary nurse return to the surgery at 10.30am to open the surgery for 30 minutes to see any pets who have problems best attended to before the next routine surgery. If you are a registered client, please arrive, promptly, at 10.30am and we shall examine and treat your pet. There is no need to phone first. Only if you are not registered with us should you telephone, promptly, at 10.30am for advice and please be ready to come immediately, if instructed. Do please bear in mind that our agreement with the emergency service means we are unable to provide weekend attention for clients registered with other practices in Edinburgh. Please see the Emergency Attention Section for further details.

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The consultation fee for this service in 2018 for a new condition is £64.95 including VAT, plus treatment, to contribute towards the additional time and travel involved in us returning to the centre. There is a minimum charge of £39.95 including VAT, for a condition already under treatment and applicable to all species but the cost involved is less than half the cost of an emergency attention. We make no restriction on the type of cases seen and we are happy to offer our clients general advice at these times and the waiting room shop is open for all sales. Many clients take advantage of these sessions for the collection of pre ordered food.

Please Note that we now limit the time of answering the telephone to between 10.30 and 10.45am, as a result of an increased number of calls just before normal closing time at 11am resulting in staff having an unnecessary wait, beyond our closing time, for clients to arrive. If you are unable to be here promptly during the session, we do reserve the right to make a full out of hours consultation charge, currently £132.85, including VAT plus treatment to cover the additional staff time.

We have found our Sunday Surgery to be a popular service and encourage you not to feel awkward about taking advantage of it.

Out of Hours Attention

For treatment or advice out of the about hours, please follow the link to our emergency page.

To make an appointment for your pet, please phone 0131 539 7539 or email