For your visit to Oak Tree Vet Centre…

As you come from the city centre, Oak Tree Vet Centre is on the left hand side of Queensferry Road at Barnton between Parkgrove Avenue and the traffic lights at Drum Brae.

There’s no need to worry about parking as we have our own off road, private car park. So, please park in one of the marked bays on the right as you drive in and simply walk your pet a few steps to our front door.

If you or your pet finds walking difficult, please drive right up the ramp so that you have easy access to the front door. We are also happy to help any of our clients to and from their cars. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to ask. 

Our facility is wheelchair accessible.

You will then be welcomed by a member of our friendly reception team, who will let the vet know you are ready for your consultation. 

If you have a dog. …

We would ask that you bring your dog on a lead; if you forget, we can lend you one. Not only could your dog escape from you whilst in the car park or waiting room, it helps prevent a clash with another dog already in the waiting room. Using a lead also saves distress to cats and other smaller pets that may be easily startled and considerably upset by an unwanted intrusion.

We would ask that your dog is clean and dry on arrival. It is not a pleasant task to examine a dirty dog and lesions on the skin can easily be missed, due to a matted coat. Also, clean dogs help keep the surgery fresh and clean for the enjoyment of other patients and it saves us using some of your consultation time cleaning the rooms for the next patient.

Please save the run in the park or swim in the sea as an “after vet treat”.

Please do not be embarrassed if your pet passes faeces in the car park but do let us know so that we can clear the mess away.

We would be grateful for your close attention to prevent urine marking inside the waiting room and consulting room. 

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If you have a cat….

We would ask that you bring your cat in a basket, box or on a harness, so that he or she cannot escape if startled. We assure you that a frightened cat can run and climb better than any human! We are happy to lend you a basket for your visit if you ask at reception. 

If you have a rabbit or small mammal

Please bring your pet on a lead and harness (if appropriate) or in a small secure box or carton without sawdust, hay, or shavings. Bedding material almost invariably becomes scattered removing and replacing small mammals in their baskets and we do not wish to use some of your consultation time sweeping up, when it is better spent attending to your pet.

If you have a bird, reptile or an animal intended for human consumption

Providing veterinary care for birds and reptiles has become a specialised discipline in its own right and we feel at Oak Tree Vet Centre that “having a go” as general cat and dog practitioners is no longer good enough. Therefore we no longer provide routine veterinary care for birds and reptiles.

The Dick Vet at their Hospital for Small Animals has a specialised exotics team. Their telephone number is 0131 650 7650

Oak Tree Vet Centre  does not provide routine veterinary care for food producing animals and you should consult a veterinary practice offering such a service.

To make an appointment for your pet, please phone 0131 539 7539 or email