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Our Location

539 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh. EH4 7QE

The Oak Tree Veterinary Centre is located on the south side of Queensferry Road, between the new parade of shops at Parkgrove and the traffic lights at the junction of Queensferry Road and Drum Brae North.

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Arriving at Oak Tree Veterinary Centre

The practice is a substantial detached property and we provide private car parking for your convenience. The car park is designed with a turning area and is “drive-in” and “drive-out”; no need to reverse onto a busy road. Please park in one of the marked bays and not in the turning area. If someone in your party or your pet has difficulty walking please drive straight up the slope and park at the top, giving you level access to the front door which has a low threshold for wheelchair access.

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On entering the reception you will be met by Elspeth, who runs reception, or one of our veterinary nursing staff team. There is usually time to chat about you and your pet’s needs and for you to enjoy a complimentary cup of freshly made tea or coffee. Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to children accompanying their parents, so that they may learn more about the care of their pet.

Consulting Room One

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Here in the consulting room Alistair is examining a tortie cat. We provide ample seating for your comfort in each consulting room, as we need to listen and record your observations before examining your pet. We allow 20 minutes for a routine consultation, longer for a new or complicated case. The findings, recommendations and treatments are recorded on screen as we have invested in one of the most advanced patient record packages available in the market.

Consulting Room Two

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In the second consulting room, Malcolm does his consulting. This spacious room also benefits from full computer access to your pet’s notes and seating to facilitate the full discussion of your pet’s medical needs.

Nursing room

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The new nursing room is proving to be a real boon. The last bit in the “front corner” renovations has been the creation of a private nurses consulting room. The nurses can now conduct their own consultations, admissions, discharges and laser therapy without having to fit in with spaces in the veterinary rooms’ diaries.


laboratory  | Edinburgh Vets

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At Oak Tree Veterinary Centre we are pleased to offer a laboratory service to our clients, at any time of working day, seven days a week. With the benefit of two new cutting edge in-clinic analysers, we are able to, within 15 minutes, discuss with you, your pet’s haematology (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets counts and haemoglobin) and clinical biochemistry (liver, kidney, protein, sugar, minerals etc.) results which facilitates early diagnosis and prompt corrective measures.

This facility is particularly useful for the prompt assessment of our surgical day patients, most of whom have a blood screen to check their fitness for anaesthetic.

Central Preparation Rooms

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The engine rooms of the practice where most of the non surgical in patient cases are treated. There is a combination wet and dry tub table in each room where theatre cases are clipped, patients are examined, bloods taken, and techniques employed such as colour video endoscopy.

Patient Accommodation

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Patients at Oak Tree Veterinary Centre are housed in warm, hygienic kennels within the central preparation areas to be under our closest supervision. Each animal has a lightweight fleece bed to lie on, keeping them comfortable and dry whilst with us. Five of our kennels are individually thermostatically heated and we have another five in an air conditioned room. In that room is also a giant dog “walk in ” kennel and a further walk in kennel in another room for a large or noisy dog.

Quiet Ward

We have a small self contained ward with two smaller cages and a large dog kennel to allow the accommodation of a nervous pet or occasionally a noisy one, although not at the same time! Being fully self contained with washing facilities, washer and drier, this room can also be turned into an isolation facility for infectious cases, by locking the door to the preparation room and using only the door to outside.

Operating Theatre

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Only animals undergoing surgery end up in here. It does not double up as an x-ray room or store room. We have a wide range of equipment and instruments to allow surgery ranging from a cat castration to major abdominal or orthopaedic surgery.

X-Ray Room

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We have invested in a full specification human hospital quality X-ray machine and table which allows us to take pictures of the tiniest kitten’s foot to the largest Great Dane’s chest.

It uses a microprocessor controlled x-ray generator, made by Medstone International, Dalgety Bay and a British made Picker floor to ceiling stand and fully floating table with bucky. Despite it’s size, the balance and electromagnetic locking allows it all to be moved about with finger tip pressure. The installation was made by Alan Eadie of IXS Ltd., a local x-ray specialist.

We have digital image processing placing images of the patient on specific radiological black and white hospital monitors within a few seconds. This means we can create image discs for you or to send to specialists or for breed specific health test scoring.

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Please also view our latest news page for details of new facilities and equipment that we have added.

This only shows some of the rooms we have. Thank you for taking the time to view our facilities. We trust it will help you to feel at home when you make your first visit and we look forward to serving you and your pet soon.

If you wish to see more of the practice do remeber that we are happy to give you a personal tour. Simply phone 0131 539 7539 to book.