Phoebe’s Hungarian Vizsla Puppies 

I (Alistair) was born into a pet household and shared my earliest years with Princess, a wire haired fox terrier before my parents became Border Terrier fans and there were Borders in the family home for more than fifty years. Newly married, Penelope and I started our pet owning lives with two Labradors, Blot a working black one and Button a pet chocolate. Although Blot never worked she was an exceptional Lab, spending her life trying to anticipate what you might want of her next and being ready to do it. Button gave us pleasure as a cheerful and bombproof family pet although was one of the laziest dogs I have ever met, hiding part way along a walk to join us when we returned. Their picture remains in the who works here page.

When it came time to choose two new dogs, I had always admired the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and was happy to support my daughter, Phoebe’s choice of a Hungarian Vizsla. They can both be seen on the dog trike page.

Biba is such an open and jolly wee Vizsla, we decided to breed her – partly so our children could experience the process and partly we wanted Biba’s sunny disposition to continue on and be enjoyed by others.

Breeding dogs is not something to be taken lightly but with five of us in the family ready to do the 24/7 monitoring for the first two weeks, we found a magnificent dog Darcy to sire Biba’s puppies.

Biba’s reared eight puppies for her first litter and did a sterling job looking after them We tried again in 2010 and she had, just one puppy, which we called Solo. He got his mum to himself which was just as well as he was a complete rascal and full of mischief. Biba is now retired from breeding.

Below are some of the pictures taken during what was an extraordinarily rich period in our family’s life.

Instagram Photos

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