Specialist Treatments 

Attending Oak Tree Vet means your pet can benefit from some specialsed treatments, often missing from other general practices.

Why do we offer these services

In short, our passion for pet care but in particular:

1) Minimally invasive therapies reduce the impact of treatment on your pet. A foreign body in the stomach can be removed using an endoscope, if your vet has mastered the technique and has invested in the equipment. 

It means your pet goes home the same day and can enjoy their evening meal and go out for their regular exercise or routine, as soon as the anaesthetic wears off. Compare that to having their stomach surgically opened, with extensive post operative care required and a delay to the return of their normal routine for over a month. Sometimes it is not clear whether there is a foreign body or not and a quick look with the endoscopy does no harm, compared to major surgery, for no benefit.

2) All done here. In the case above, we would move seamlessly from diagnosis to treatment without having to organise a subsequent procedure in a referral centre such as the Vet School, inevitably leading to duplication and delay.

3) Familiar staff and surroundings. Your pet is treated in a know place by familiar faces. You are spared extra travelling and inconvenience.

4) The overall cost is generally less. That makes a difference, immediately, if you are paying out of your pocket but also owners of insured pets benefit from a lowered annual spend, passed on in general as lower premiums next year.

5) It allows us to attract and retain great staff and that benefits your pet every time you visit. All our staff are hungry for knowledge and eager to further their own skills, as well as the overall Oak Tree offering. A lack of opportunity and equipment creates a boredom that good staff will either not tolerate and leave or become bored by that lack. All of us have endured service from bored and uninterested people in our lives, away from practice and it makes us doubly determined to never allow that to creep into our offering to you at Oak Tree.

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To learn more about these special treatment and everything else we can provide your pet with everything they need to live a long, healthy life, or to book an appointment, call a member of our friendly team on 0131 539 7539. Alternatively, you can email the Oak Tree Vet Centre at reception@oaktreevet.co.uk